The Grey Area

In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, a group of friends banded together to become the intrepid, albeit morally corrupt, Grey Area. Their aim was to defeat the evil macinations of The Black Spider in the D&D campaign The Lost Mines of Phandelver. During their hacking and slashing, they have wooed a Nothic, scared off a young green dragon, and vanquished a wraith! But now a new menace is threatening the peace of their world. Will our valiant adventurers succeed? Who knows! They did managed to take down a collosal squid in 36 seconds so I’m thinking they might.



D&D Beyond

For all your D&D needs! Character Creation, rules, equipment and spell information. Everything you need to get started.

Google Dice

If your missing a set of dice check out Google’s dice now with polyhedral’s! Or a quick search on the app store of your choice will give plenty of options.

Faerun Wiki

A great resource for lore, maps, and general information about the world of Faerun and the Sword Coast.

Tabletop Audio

A fantastic free audio resource for all your atmospheric DM needs!

Dungeon Fog

A map making website with amazing lighting mechanics.

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